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Art in America March, 1984 ​ Clar Monaco at James Varchmin By Michael Bonesteel Clar Monaco artist
FlashArt THE LARGEST EUROPEAN ART MAGAZINE January, 1983   Chicago CLAR MONACO Nancy Lurie Gallery By Mark Michael Leonhart Clar Monaco Artist
Chicago Magazine Art in Windy City May 1984 Clar Monaco Artist
Where Magazine Week of November 19, 1983 Art and Architecture   The James Varchmin Gallery, Suite 310 (642-4266) is exhibiting Clar Monaco's figurative, neo-expressionistic paintings, which range from small scale "psychological portraits" to the monumental 8-foot-by-9-foot "Dancing Circles."  Clar Monaco Artist
Clar Monaco Artist Bibliography


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Art Forum Magazine, Sept. 1982 Clar Monaco artist
Press release Nancy Lurie Gallery Chicago: On Friday, October 15, 6-9 pm, Nancy Lurie Gallery will open a   ONE PERSON EXHIBITION OF THE PAINTINGS OF CLAR MONACO. Clar Monaco Artist
Press release James Varcmin Gallery An exhibition of new paintings by Clar Monaco opens Friday, October 21, 1983 at James Varchmin Gallery Clar Monaco artist
News paper article CHICAGO Sun-Times Thursday January 16, 1986 Clar Monaco strips sexuality to its bones ART By Sue Taylor Clar Monaco artist
Newspaper clipping 1980 Chicago Show is one of the best Sunday, Sun-Times, December 7, 1980 Art / Franz Schulze Clar Monaco artist
newspaper article The Tri-Town Times, Lifestyles SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 1996        localscene by Tom Lounges Painter-musician Clar Monaco reflects world influences Clar Monaco artist
Clar Monaco's painting, "Sam's gun on a green table" was used as cover art for David Rabe's novel, "Recital of the Dog" Clar Monaco artist
Catalog Catalog; For the Seventy-eighth Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, The Art Institute of Chicago. Clar Monaco awarded the Virgine K. Headberg Prize. Clar Monaco artist
Newspaper article Sunday            SUN-TIMES    November 20, 1983 PAGE 24         SHOW    Art still thrives on N. Michigan ART Clar Monaco artist
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newspaper article In Print © 2023 by Clar Monaco / All rights reserved. Sunday Sun-Times, August 2, 1981   Art / David Elliott Clar Monaco artist
Catalog Figuration Catalog curated by Phyllis Plous, University Art Museum, Santa Barbara. Clar Monaco on pg. 36. Clar Monaco artist
Poster for "Figuration" exhibition, 11.5 x 18 inches. Clar Monaco artist
Hyde Park Art Center Catalog, 1983. The Big Pitcher, 20 years of the abstracted-figure in Chicago Art* Clar Monaco artist
Newspaper article Expressionism rides in on '80s' wave of interest CHICAGO TRIBUNE Arts & Books October 18, 1981            By Alan G. Artner, Art critic Clar Monaco artist
Catalog Illinois State Museum  Clar Monaco artist
Newspaper article CLAR MONACO By SUSAN BLAKE   Nancy Lurie Gallery 1632 N. LaSalle St., 312/337-2882   THE INDEPENDENT VOICE OF THE VISUAL ARTS JANUARY/1983 Volume 10, Number 4 New Art Examiner Clar Monaco artist

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