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Sunday Sun-Times, August 2, 1981


Art / David Elliott


Fifteen artists exhibit in the summer show, through August, at Zolla-Lieber-man Gallery, 368 W. Huron. Each has something to offer; we have spate to note five. Californian Cathy Moorhead works on thick, fibrous paper, overstain-lag It with tremulous colors, stories it Incisively and planting into its soft body half-submerged pencils, arrows, rulers. Her art is powerfully dream-laden, and so are the small boxes of South Dakotan John Peters, who uses fine wood, polished stone and tiny figures, seen front and back through glass, to cast a hush of expectant tension. Natasha Nicholson's larger boxed houses, with stark trees and toppled chairs and heaps of cold broken glass. echo with alarms in silent spaces.


Chicagoan Clar Monaco has a flauntingly liberated way with color that deserves more than the slob-chic drawing of her "Fido" paintings, but receives a formal grip in "Self-Portrait," which sees her as a toothy fish-siren of glitzy, tyrannies! sexiness.


And Montana painter Harold Schlotzhauer puts more energy than he can control into tumultuous abstracts. But his color courage and eat-the-feast appetite promises much.

NOTE: Those wishing to help bring the "Dinner Party" project here can meet artist Judy Chicago at a wine-and-cheese fund-raiser this Wednesday, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m at Richard Gray Gallery, 620 N. Michigan. Tickets at the door will be $25.

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